Which One is the Best: Bionaire air purifiers or Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

Bionaire air purifiers

Bionaire air purifiers are another type of air purifiers that guarantee unpolluted home air. Moreover, they combine the features of air ionizers. . A Bionaire air purifier is the definite choice for a healthy family as it has a seal of approval by The British Allergy Foundation.

Bionaire air purifiers are at the market since 1977 and have an advanced technology. They use HEPA filters to guarantee proper air filtering. In addition, Bionaire invested into developing the Ultra HEPA filters (ULPA) for superior air filtration. The latest innovations of the purifiers are their advanced fan technology that allows better air circulation through the purifier. Since so many different quality air purifiers available in the stores, Choosing the best air purifiers in UK is a time consuming task.

A Bionaire air purifier will thoroughly clean the air in your home. It removes dust and pollen and this is why it relieves the allergy and asthma symptoms and decreases the chance of suffering respiratory diseases. More consumers found it very useful for removing smoke as well. The ionizer assists in particles removal and gives fresh air.

Bionaire air purifiers are much quit and many people find them suitable for their sleeping rooms. They report that their sleep has greatly improved as well. As any other HEPA filter air purifier, the Bionaire air purifier will come a bit costly because of the prices of HEPA filters. However this is a minor cost consider the benefits of such home appliance plus the filters should be changed yearly. The cost of a Bionaire air purifier varies in accordance to its features.

Fir example you can buy the Bionaire Air Purifier BAP242 AIR PU for around $90 (the price may vary among different retailers). It has two speed settings and odor removal. The Tower Bionaire air purifier is slightly more expensive (you can get it for around $180). However, it has a complete four stage filtering system – a pre-filter, a HEPA filter, a carbon filter and an ionizer. This is the best choice to eliminate all airborne dust and particles. This style benefits from three speed fan as well.

For absolute control and comfort, you can get a Tower Bionaire air purifier with a remote control and independently controlled ionizer and oscillation. All Bionaire air purifiers have antibacterial filter treatment. This way any bacteria or other germs that are within the filter are eliminated including the odor causing bacteria. As any other home appliances, the Bionaire air purifiers have very elegant and useful design that easily fits any interior. Each purifier comes with two-year warranty and most retailers offer a money back guarantee.

Ionic Breeze Air Purifier

The Ionic Breeze is a creation of the Sharper Image Company. It’s advertised as a silent, ozone-reducing, air purifier that runs from $199 to $550. The machine stays silent by moving air electronically, not by using a motor. According to the company, the Ionic Breeze Air Purifier was the first of its kind. It was the first silent non-motor device that not only cleaned the air, it also circulated the air around a room of a given size. It definitely surpassed anything else that had been on the market since it quickly rose to become the best-selling air cleaner out there.

But it’s not all blue skies with no clouds. While you are in a room in your house or apartment, watching TV or maybe even sleeping, you should be enjoying the benefits of the quietly, constantly, air-purifying ionic breeze. However, some people might contest the assertions made by the technology-driven Sharper Image and every other store that sells a similar air purifier.

We’re not talking about some unsatisfied customer trying to get back at the company by claiming their product doesn’t work – we’re talking about none other than Consumer Reports. At the very least it makes for a great debate. We’ll see both sides of the story and find out what’s truth and what’s myth, then you can decide.

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Ionic Breeze Air Purifiers have a lot going for them. They make no noise and you’ll appreciate that after you witness some of the hissing of other air cleaners out there. After your comparison, you’ll also notice there aren’t any filters for you to replace. That’s because the stainless steel collectors are removable, not replaceable. You take them out, wipe them off and put them right back in. Simple.

Maybe the fact that the ionic breeze air purifiers reduce airborne allergens will convince you that you should pick one up. Not just allergens, but also things like pollen, smoke and even dander – gone. The purifiers are even endorsed by the British Allergy foundation.

Not too bad! It’s important to stress that the machines work and you can put your eyes to the test. Just flip on the switch and leave the machine running for 2 weeks. After that, pull out the removable collectors and have a look. You’ll notice they’re covered with junk that would otherwise be collecting in your lungs.

Is there another side to this pretty picture? According to Consumer Reports there is. Actually, the consumer reporting company says that not only does the ionic air breeze purifier NOT clean the air properly as it says, but it actually pollutes the air by releasing harmful levels of ozone into the air.

Consumer reports did their own testing and found the machines to perform poorly. They added that people with asthma or allergies are more susceptible to the ill effects of ozone, which the machine does emit, but within the FDA’s standards.

The Sharper Image – maker of the ionic air breeze purifiers – took Consumer Reports to court. However, the battle was lost when the judge stated that the Sharper Image had printed false information in an article regarding the machine’s ability to reduce airborne particles.  The judge dismissed the case and fined the company $525,000.