Safety Equipment For The Mountain Bike Rider

As a newbie mountain bike rider, it is quite normal for you to get a bit confused using all the mtn bike components that you see in a bicycle keep or shop. Although there are a lot of sorts of mountain bike components being sold in the marketplace today, you do not actually need all of them so don’t use up the cash on the things that you will not really have much use when you go biking. Rather than purchasing those fancy mountain bike accessories, make investments on quality safety gear and components. You can buy some of the top quality mountain bikes in UK here.

The helmet is one of the most crucial mountain motorbike accessories. Even if you drove low price and purchased a discount mountain bike get a top quality helmet which you like. However, many bikers frequently do not suit up with protective head gear when these folks go out thatthey end up undergoing serious head accidents during a fall. To safeguard the head once negotiating tricky mountain bike biking tracks, you do put on a dependable headgear.

A great helmet is your best friend when you are out there negotiating some hard mtb bike tracks so guarantee that you get one. Again get quality safety gear and save your money making the discount bike purchase since you can compage models and components easily.

Preventing Injuries When Riding A Mountain Bike

Mountain biking is a very fun activity to do. Although riding mountain bikes are fun however Mountain bikes can cause serious injuries if a person doesn’t take the proper precaution before getting on a mountain bike. The most important equipment that prevents injury is a helmet. Whether a person is on flat paved roads or extreme biking in the mountains a helmet is very important.

If a person does not have a helmet on and they lose control of their bike they can fall and cause serious injuries to their head including brain damage. A helmet will take most of the force from the fall which lowers the risk of injuries to the head.

Injuries can also be prevented if a person wears the proper clothing for mountain biking. If a person wears baggy jeans and baggy clothes that can possibly cause injuries. If a person is peddling the pants can get caught in the chain and cause the bike to come to a complete stop and causing the biker to fall. The best kind of clothes to wear when mountain biking is biking shorts.

Bike shorts are tight shorts that are made out of spandex. There are biker shirts that are made out of stretching material. The tight clothes will not get stuck in the bike chain or be a distraction for the biker. The most important way to prevent injuries is to know the surroundings. A person should always keep a look out for traffic, animals, and anything else that can cause injuries.

Kona Nunu Mountain Bike Review

If you are looking for a new mountain bike, the Kona Nunu is a great choice to make. This mountain bike is meant for people who want to have fun. The Nunu tends to be overlooked, but it is one of the company’s best models. It comes with an aluminum frame that is made in seven sizes.

This is beneficial because a lot of manufacturers only make four sizes. You will be able to fine-tune the fit while you are in the store. The aluminum frame is lightweight, but stiff. While riding the bike, you will also find that it is extremely responsive.

The Kona Nunu also features avid brakes. These are known as Shimano hydraulic disc brakes. The brakes are reliable, so you will not have to worry about them not working during your ride. Not only that, but they are also low-maintenance. You will have ultimate stopping power without having to constantly fix them.

The bike allows you endless hours of enjoyment because it comes with Kenda Koyote tires. The tires are meant to keep people rolling for hours at a time. Along with that, it also features Wellgo pedals. The pedals do not stick, so you will have an easy time riding the mountain bike. It is made with features that you regularly see on more expensive bikes.

Some other benefits of the Kona Nunu are the Shimano Alivio shifter, Kona XC saddle and the Kona Mooseknuckle grips. The Nunu is a solid choice to make because it is a reliable bike that has been built with durable components.

Exercise bike for weight loss

The key to weightloss is consistent effort, do something every day to move you closer to your goal. Exercise bike for weight loss are a great tool to help achieve good results. Because they are convenient there is no excuse for just hopping on and pedaling away for 10 mins. I keep mine in the lounge, every night I pull it out in front of the TV and pedal away. We have a magnetic exercise bike at home, when using it it is really quiet. It doesn’t even disturb the other people in the room. Since there are so high quality many exercise bikes available, Choosing the best exercise bikes in UK is a frustrating task.

If like mine your bike has a heart monitor built in then key for weight loss, is slow steady burn. If you exercise in your fat burning zone; that is 60-70% of your max heart rate. The majority of energy that is burnt up is provided by converting fat from your body. Exercising at this lower intensity, shouldn’t leave you in a pool of sweat or with sore legs. If you don’t have a heart rate monitor then you should work out at a level that you can still talk fairly easily, but begining to breath at a higher rate.

Follow the simple pattern of 3-5mins warm up below 60% MHR (Max Heart Rate), then between 60-70% MHR for 20 mins followed by a cool down again less than 60% MHR for a further 5 mins. The key to this exercise is it is fairly easy too do and that you do it often, it is not to strenous that you can do it every day.

If you want to increase the work load or add in some upper body exercise, try getting a couple of light hand weights, do some curls or shoulder lifts at the same time. This is a time when multi tasking really does work.

Your bike should be your friend – this will make getting on to it on a regular basis a lot easier. In any weight loss plan, consistency is the key; don’t try to do it all at once. Hopping on one of these home exercise bikes and pedalling for hours might seem like a good idea, but your legs won’t thank you the following day, and you’ll be put of exercise for good. In order to establish a workout plan that will really help you lose weight, take it nice and slowly, and incorporate your new exercise bicycle into your life in a way that will last.


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