Foot Massager and Reflexogy in UK Guide

Reflexology has been dated going back as far as 5000 years ago when Egyptians were using it for its amazing healing and health promoting benefits, and then leading all the way up to today. Now if you are thinking what is reflexology and what are its benefit then don’t worry we will explain in detail.

Reflexology works by applying pressure to certain points on the body,  specifically the feet in order to improve health, relieve pain and promote relaxation. The way Reflexology works is that certain zones on the feet, hands and ears correspond to various glands, organs and muscles located elsewhere in the body. When pressure is applied to these zones, people can experience beneficial health effects. For example, massaging the tips of the toes stimulates the head and brain and relieves headaches, while pressure applied to the ball of the foot is beneficial to the chest and heart. There are various devices available for putting pressure on the feet and the most efficient is a good foot massager. We will discuss about how you can choose the best foot massager of 2018 later in this article.

But the real benefit that is believed to be the most “powerful” is its ability to massively reduce stress and calm the body down. And this may come as a shock to you, In recent studies it revealed that an estimated. And what’s sad is you could EASILY reduce stress and MASSIVELY reduce your chance of illness by using the simple massage techniques used in reflexology. When you release the stress…your body will respond by improving organ function and bringing your body back to natural balance meaning your body’s immune system can function at its optimum level. Meaning you will feel much healthier and full of vitality letting you live a much more happier and fulfilled life!

Benefits of Foot Massager

  • Strengthening of your Immune system
  • Clearing harmful toxins from your body
  • Improved Circulation meaning the oxygen and nutrients are properly transported to all areas of your body promoting healing.
  • Promotion of better organ function, leaving your body in a much healthier state of being.
  • Relaxation and stress relief, reducing your chance of illness and disease!
  • Promoting much deeper sleep so you wake with full of energy

Massaging the feet can help with joint pain and aid recovery after an injury, as well as reduce muscle soreness. Also, foot massage gives you energy by releasing any blockages that hold back energy and relieving symptoms of stress and fatigue. The best time to do foot massage is before going to bed. A study conducted in Denmark showed that people suffering from headaches and migraines showed great improvement after receiving reflexology treatments. It can also prevent future injuries such as plantar fasciitis – one of the most common causes of heel pain which sees the thick band of tissue running across the bottom of your foot and connecting your heel bone to your toe becoming painful and inflamed.

Why Foot Massage is Important

foot massager in UKRegular foot massage of 5 to 10 minutes before going to bed can improve feelings of general well-being. A soothing and relaxing foot massage improves the blood circulation. The test subjects stopped taking their medication, and three months after completing their treatments, 65% had reduced symptoms while a small number had been cured. Too much standing, running, sports involving lots of jumping or hard landing, being overweight and wearing shoes with inadequate support all put you at risk of plantar fasciitis. Always use warm oil for foot massage so that it easily penetrates deep in the skin.

This helps in getting a peaceful sleep. It is believed that those who had reflexology foot massages managed to make additional positive lifestyle changes that may have contributed to their impressive results. Also, use gentle yet firm strokes. This is the best part of reflexology. For instance, the spot in the center of the big toe, the spot at the center of the ball of your foot or the ball of the foot located under the big toe are associated with emotional stability and mental health. If done carefully, it treats pains and aches such as headaches, migraines, neck pain, lower and upper backaches.

Medical studies have demonstrated that 85 to 90% of body pain cases are the result of weak muscles and repeated or prolonged bad posture. Only 10 to 15% of back pain cases result from a serious injury or illness, or from structural degeneration or deformation of the spine. ack of physical activity combined with an abundance of sitting leads back muscles to become weak. Weak muscles easily overload and force you to adopt bad postures, especially in the strenuous sitting position.

When muscles overload, they spasm, and in doing so, compress on the surrounding pain nerves. When one part of the back hurts, you try to find a position that allows you to stop feeling the pain but in fact, what you are doing, is overloading a new set of muscles which are also going to spasm and compress and activate the surrounding pain nerves. And thus the pain spreads throughout the back and into the shoulders and the neck, sometimes even causing headaches. It may even keep you awake at night. And since your muscles don’t get a chance to rest properly, they spasm even more. The result: pain nerves are relentlessly activated.

Buying a Foot Massager in UK

Experts suggest that a good foot massager should always compliment your lifestyle. We particularly appreciate the extensive customisation possible on the calf massager by HmRelax that allows you to build custom-made massage anytime you need for any kind of experience you are looking for. The Conair Foot Spa has three touch push-buttons which are for three purposes namely switching on and off LED or bubbles, putting on and off waterfall and for high or low bubbles. Sometimes, a light gentle massage simply will not do. If you are a busy person, with no time to get the water for a soothing hydrotherapy then water based foot massager is not for you.

  • The Therasqueeze offers a great advantage with the thighs massaging piece, that can stretch out the benefits of a massage to the higher part of your legs; and last but not least, the Figure-Eight/CirQlation technology patented by Human Touch is little revolution in the foot and calf massager world, as it’s the closest you can get to a human massage and it does really make a real difference with the usual pressure massage.
  • So, one can experience all these features in a single machine.
  • While this may be comforting it doesn’t help to properly increase the blood flow to your feet so that you can enjoy all the benefits that come with this motion.
  • Even so, if you are worried about the skin of your feet and you’ve observed that your shoes are coming out a tad dry, then a water based foot massager will suit you the best.
  • The temperature of the water poured into footbath would be maintained by the heat feature.

The MedMassager is one of the strongest massagers on the market and is able to provide you with the pressure that you actually require. If you intend to buy foot massager for heal conditions such as feet soreness, body aches, plantar fasciitis, migraines, sinuses, ankle or feet injuries, and flat feet, then you should buy foot massagers with rollers that help in Myofascial release. This machine is sophisticated and it looks good too. This is why it is great for treating people with neuropathy and even diabetes. Manual foot massagers are the best in such cases.

foot massageThis machine comes with three pedicure attachments which comprise of brush, pumice and massage-plug-rest along with two foot rollers that are on each side. So, it does much more than just sooth your feet. You can fully control the strength and the pressure of the massage rollers, and acquire desired results. The hot tub spa relieves sore tired feet and toes using its bubbling massage, ozone therapy, rolling massage and heated water therapy. Scientific proof exists that massaging our feet regularly has multiple health benefits.

The rolling massage on the soles of your feet will free you of stress and soreness in no time. Reflexologists and health professionals say that our feet contain pressure points that are connected to our body organs. Your calves and arches will love the relaxation too. Don’t you feel relief when you a masseuse or a member of your family gives you a shiatsu massage? Yes, it can relieve stress and fatigue. Create a spa-like atmosphere and invest in a machine that will benefit your mental, physical and emotional health. These top brands come highly recommended because they offer the features you should be looking for when on the hunt for the best foot massager.

Foot Massager and Reflexology

Bit of a mouthful I know, however it covers a couple of holistic healing approaches to good health. I’m sure that we would all love to do things that make us feel better. Well you can with a little bit of pampering; it can take as long or short as you like. Massage is a powerful health tool. You can get a variety of different types of massage and you’ll find a few listed with a short explanation of what they are. Getting a professional relaxing massage is bliss and should be experienced at least once in your life to appreciate the benefits. There are also various healing type massages that you could get, take a look at what is out there you will be pleasantly surprised at the choices.

Reflexology is something that has always amazed me because there is no scientific proof to show that it works, but it does deliver results. Reflexology is massaging of the feet and has been happening for centuries, even before the written word. There have been drawings found on cave walls to prove it and it wouldn’t have continued through time if it didn’t work. The benefits gained through reflexology are numerous; I have covered a few if you would like to take a look. The knowledge of the human anatomy in the 21st century is outstanding and ever developing and improving. There are machines that can take photos of our skeleton to check bones and scans that can look inside our bodies at our muscle mass and nervous systems.

One day they might be able to identify the 10 invisible lines that run up the body, beginning at the toes and going all the way up to the head. Zone one starts at the big toe, goes up the midline of the body, and includes the thumb. Zone two starts at the second toe and includes the index finger and so on. Or they may find proof of the meridians, energy channels that are used within healing modalities such as acupressure and acupuncture. Many reflexologist use both zones and meridian channels when practicing reflexology today.