How to Choose the Best Deep Fat Fryers

It is a myth that deep fried foods are extremely fatty or greasy. Indeed if cooked properly, there should be no penetration of oil below the surface of the food. This is because if the oil is hot enough, the water in the food repels the oil as it is being cooked. This means the food actually steams from the inside out.

Deep fat fryers come in a wide variety of designs. These include single and double baskets, large capacities and the highly efficient mini deep fat fryers. If you want to buy top deep fat fryers in UK then read this complete guide.

A deep fat fryer can be used for much more than french fries. There are many recipes that you can make such as delicious light tempura, breads, deserts and meat dishes. We hope this site provides you with balanced, informative information on the top deep fryer brands that are available. We strive to provide information on fryers in every price bracket so you should be able to research a fryer here whatever your budget.

Given that there are deep fryers available in pretty much any price bracket, the question becomes “what do you get for your money?”. As with most electrical gadgets, more features equate to more cost. However this does not necessarily mean you are getting a better product. It’s a balance, the more things to go wrong with your fryer, the more it will likely cost whereas if you can live with a very basic unit then you can get away with paying very little.

One area where you pay more is for fryers that have built-in odor filters. There will inevitably be smells given off as your food is cooking, and just as you have an extractor fan above your stove, you can also get deep fryers with built in odor filters if you are willing to pay extra. The down side of course is that these filters need to be changed and possibly cleaned  on a fairly regular basis. As an alternative you could pay less, get a fryer without an odor filter and just put your fryer on your stove and use the stove’s extractor fan to remove any odors.

An area where you should perhaps not compromise is in the ease of cleaning. There is nothing more frustrating than having had a delicious feed of king prawn tempura being faced with 3 hours of taking your fryer to pieces and scrubbing every surface. The reality in that case is you would say “oh it’ll be ok this time, I’ll clean it next time”. This will inevitably lead to heart ache when, 3 months down the line your fryer is so encrusted you just give up and relegate it to a far cupboard and just use a wok from then on! So always go for fryers that have dish washer safe parts and preferably few of them so it is easy to dismantle, wash and put back together again without you starting to resent you tempura lunch!

Given that your fryer will be heating oil to around 375 degrees, certain safety features should not be compromised on. Safety cut off are a must so that if the unit is jostled, or the power cord pulled, it will shut down. If you have children in the house you might want to get a fryer that has a cool exterior surface while in use. You will pay extra for this but it is a good option for some piece of mind.

Then you have the flourishes of design that make you think “this is only a deep fryer for goodness sake, why are they trying to turn it into the interior of a Jaguar?”. Here, I am thinking of things like portholes in the lid so you can check up on how your food is coming along. I have looked through these windows and believe me, there is absolutely no way of determining how cooked your Scotch Egg might be, if you can even see said Eggs at all. The one I was looking through was so fogged up it was like looking at a thick London Fog from Victorian times. So try to avoid these gimmicky features.

Buying Guide to Deep fat fryers

Choosing the right appliance, however, is far from a simple task because the market has dozens of options to offer. Look for the best price to quality ratio within your budget range. If you don’t get one large enough for the number of people you cook for, you may have to fry multiple batches, which takes more time. A final point to consider is to check the manufacturers’ basis for this output; is it based on frozen chips, chilled chips and what size of chips? Temperature control Different food needs to be cooked at different temperatures to avoid overcooking or burning. We also sell some smaller mini fryers too. When foods have been cooked properly in a hot oil cooker, they’ll actually have very little oil on them. When buying a deep fryer, you’ll need to pay attention to several things. Don’t make a compromise with the safety features, if you want to enjoy delicious meals without jeopardizing your family. A 4-cup deep fryer will make two small servings, a 6-cup will make two generous or three small servings, and a 12-cup should make enough to feed most families.

If in doubt, always seek advice from the manufacturer based on your business’s weekly output. Avoid basic fryers that have just an on/off switch or a dial with low, medium and high settings. To that end, it’s important to maintain the oil’s temperature between 325°F and 400°F. The following guide will acquaint you with some of the biggest the name suggests, these fryers have a lid that can be locked in place to boost the safety of the frying process. The market has dozens of good appliances, you’ll simply have to dedicate a bit of time to doing research and going through buyer testimonials. If you’re planning to cook a whole chicken or turkey, you’ll need a deep fryer with enough capacity to accommodate the largest size poultry that you intend to fry. Gas deep fat fryers use a heating system where tube burners run across the bottom of the frying tank. An adjustable thermostat with a digital display lets you set the right oil temperature for perfectly fried food every time.

The more expensive models are more economical to run, as well as safer and easier to clean, basically, as far as deep fat fryers are concerned, the more money you spend the better quality fryer you will get. At temperatures above 400°F, even filtered and refined oils will begin to smoke. Many home cooks prefer this type of fryer. Hankering after a plateful of gourmet pub-style chips? Electric deep fryers with higher wattage ratings have more powerful heating elements. The gas is fired through these tubes, which heats the oil through the tank walls. Safety Deep fat fryers heat oil to dangerously hot temperatures so look for a model that has the following safety features.insulated walls that prevent your fingers burning should you touch the side of the fryer during use. Lockable lid this helps prevents hot oil spillages or splashes during cooking or should the fryer be accidentally knocked.Viewing window lets you keep an eye on your food as it cooks so you don’t have to open the lid, risking oil splashes and reducing the cooking temperature.