Can this tools make the life of seniors easier?

Can it really be possible that the newest gadget or doodad or thingamajig that we see advertised on television or in print ads can help keep our seniors safe in their own home? While that does seem unbelievable, there is a possibility that these gadgets can play a positive role in their life. Here’s why.

For most people growing old is a scary thing, especially for those of us who live in a culture where staying young and beautiful is held at higher regard than almost anything else in our life. The lengths many women, and men, go to in search of the proverbial fountain of life brings millions of dollars into the pockets of those who have the foresight to create the latest whatchamacallit – whether that’s a product, program, or promise.

What is exciting is that some of these gadgets and products can actually help our seniors stay independent and living in their own home much longer than we would have expected in former times. One of the main concerns regarding seniors living alone is for their safety. Slipping, tripping and falling are very real concerns.

Now that we are living in a technological age, products appear on the horizon at a fairly rapid pace that can make our lives much easier. Here are a few that we’ve noticed that can help our aging loved one stay independent.

Reacher Grabber. This is an item my Dad has been having fun with while he is in rehab following a fall. He has discovered how useful it is to get ahold of items that are on the bedside stand that he can’t get ahold of while lying in bed. That way he doesn’t have to page a nurse or an aide. Another reason the reacher is useful is when someone is standing, but has trouble bending over very far without falling – they can use the reacher to pick up things off the floor. There are different types of reacher available on the market, depending upon the need you need to buy the most suitable one. If you are looking for the best reacher grabbers in UK, then go for NRS Healthcare L61554 Combi-Reacher. It is the best option in that price range.

best reacher grabbers of 2018The reacher grabber is also great for mass cleanups or yard pickups. Its ease of use and effective design make picking up faster and more straightforward than ever before.  This is certainly the most simple and versatile tool that senior citizen will love to have and will most likely make their difficult life, a little easier. Optimizing your reach with the rotating head lets you choose the best angle for retrieving your targeted object, and size or shape is never an issue.

Grab Bar with Shelf. This particular grab bar can hold up to 250 pounds of weight, is 18 inches long and can be placed on a wall in the shower or bathroom. You can take a look at the picture here, but it looks like a great addition for seniors who need a place for their soap, sponge or wash cloth, and to hold onto in order to keep themselves steady.

Rolling Walker with Seat. People who have balance problems are finding the rolling walkers a great help as they work their way around their home or outdoors on a sidewalk or pavement. The walker can also fold up and be used in such places as stores, or anywhere there is a sidewalk for shopping trips or sightseeing. Padded seats are available in some styles for seniors who need the extra comfort. The four wheels keep it steady, and padded seats and back support provide comfort, and hand brakes. A useful option you can get is an easily removable basket.

Steel Commode Toilet Safety Rails. There are a variety of styles, and the best for most seniors is the style that allows them to be able to sit higher up for those who can no longer lower themselves onto the toilet or to get back up again (the more difficult of the two movements).

Squeeze balls. Seniors can use squeeze balls to help them maintain strength in their wrists and arms. These colorful balls can be used when they are standing, sitting, or lying in bed. They are light weight and can be used anytime night or day.

That’s just a few of the modern gadgets that are available and can help seniors lead a more active and product life. Many of the newer gadgets have safety features and are wonderful to use around the house to help seniors stay independent and in their own home as long as possible.

There’s a wide range of products available either online (try, or through your local medical supplies store. Many of these items such as the commode chair and rolling walker are covered under their medical insurance, and are easily available.

As long as we can keep our seniors safe, active and as independent as possible, we will have played a role in helping them live out their older years in a good frame of mind. These gadgets are not very expensive and can add much to their quality of life.