Buying Guide to Mini Fridge and Refrigerators

Mini fridges, compact refrigerators, portables fridges minifridges and mini freezers. These compact refrigerators range in size from 1.7 cubic feet to 6.0 cubic feet. This page is the complete guide to the world of mini fridges. If you are looking to buy best and top mini fridge in UK, then you have to consider alot of things before buying a fridge freezer.


The simplest mini fridges only have storage features, such as pop can dispensers. These allow you to stack 4-6 pop cans in the door and easily grab a new can from the bottom of the stack. The mini fridge door lock is another simple feature found in some models. This is adequate for most mini fridge users, but you should be aware of features implemented on more expensive models.

For instance, many models now have freezer compartments in them. This provides a small space at the top of the fridge to store ice cube trays or freeze a few items. The more advanced models even have auto defrosters. The highest end models provide ice makers, which can be accessed externally from the appliance.

Most mini fridges are less efficient than traditional refrigerators. However, even though mini fridges are small, their cost can add up, and looking at energy efficiency is a good way to save money. A few models are even Energy Star certified. That’s good for your pocket book and the environment. If you are planning to run your mini fridge for long periods of time, it might be worth paying extra for an efficient model.

Another feature that all mini fridges have is their temperature control mechanism. The simplest fridges have internal mechanical controls, where the user can pick a temperature setting. More advanced models have electronic controls, which may be placed on the outside of the minifridge.


There are many appliance makers that have lines of mini fridges. Frigidaire and GE (General Electric) are some of the larger mini fridge makers. Haier mini fridges are very popular, they mostly make simple mini fridges with good prices. KitchenAid mini fridges are usually high end, you can expect wider ranges of finishes and features from a KitchenAid mini fridge.

Mini Fridge Colors

Mini fridges come in many styles, which can suit any decor.

Red mini fridges are associated with Coca Cola. These novelty fridges can add be a playful feature for any room.

White Mini Fridge

White mini fridges are very common. A white mini fridge can blend into many designer themes. This is the classic color, and compact refrigerators in this color should be available in any major appliance store. This is also the typical color for mini fridge freezers.

Stainless Steel Mini Fridge

Stainless steel appliances are very popular and modern. Since most high end fridges are stainless steel, getting a stainless steel mini fridge is a great way to keep your style consistent throughout your home.

Black Mini Fridge

Black mini fridges are quite common. Most vendors create black mini fridges and they match almost anything.

Blue Mini Fridge

A blue compact refrigerator evokes a cool theme, which is very appropriate for a fridge. These are tricky to find and often come in lighter shades of blue.

Wood Mini Frige

High end mini fridges may come with wood finishes. These stylish compact refrigerators can be incorporated into upscale decors. They may also be built into shelving units in a kitchen setting.

For many people purchasing applicance, appearance is an important factor. Traditionally, mini fridges have not had much to offer, as they’ve been seen as secondary appliances, fit for dorm rooms and hotels. As the mini fridge uses section points out, compact refrigerators can be used for so much more. Manufacturers have responded to this by developing new and higher end finishes. It’s good to be aware of all the options available to you.

Best Fridge Freezer Reviews

GWB227YSQA LG Side by Side Fridge Freezer Specification

The LG GWB227YSQA is beautifully designed and finished in a Stainless steel silver, it’s been developed with the modern family and layout in mind and assist you in the way you live today. This model is part of the USA Style Side by Side Series, excellently designed and thought out by one the leading home appliance brand names in the world! With plethora of fridge freezers available, choosing the right fridge freezers in UK is a daunting task.

The GWB227YSQA is a gorgeous looking slick Fridge-Freezer, with classic style looking long handles helping you grab and open the door at any height whilst it goes hand in hand with the clean line design.

Here you will find the finest selection of GWB227YSQA Side by Side Best Prices with you in mind. LG Refrigeration Unit Designers believe that customers are paramount to the success and of their business and as a result are dedicated to providing innovative products with intelligent features helping each household as much as possible. The world is becoming fast paced, and LG manufacture home appliances to suit.

LG Electronics (LG), is a fast growing player in the Home Appliances market, they are always able to offer unique and stylish designs for consumers to enjoy in our homes whilst maintaining practicality values. By doing so it can have a positive knock on effect to peoples lives, whether that be saving time in a fast moving world or improving performance and reliability. LG is prepared to push the industry forward and be a leader in innovation to bring you the very best in USA style Refrigerators .Their slogan “Lifes Good” is exactly how you will feel and you will take pride in owning your Side-by-Side Fridge-Freezer.

Alternatively if you would like to see what customers who have bought this think about this product then please visit the LG GWB227YSQA Reviews section.


Lattice Box

This is a special lattice type box cover that helps in the balance of moisture when storing food. Moisture from the stored food evaporates and then condenses on the lattice maintaining the correct balance in and around the food.

Bio Silver and Bio Shield

When it comes to protecting and food preservation LG are always on top. An addition to the Side by Side series they have included Bio Silver and Bio Sield.

The Bio Silver is a silver-ion-coated protection agent that deters things such as fungus and bacteria, it is even recognised by leading health authorities. then theres the so called Bio Shield which is used on the gasket and acts as an anti-macrobial agent which prevent mould growth.

5 Digital Temperature Sensors

In the LG GWB227YSQA Fridge Freezer, LG have intelligently added what is called Digital Sensor technology. With this model there are five sensors that monitor and when required respond to any unwanted fluctuations keeping the interior at the optimum level keeping it constant so your food stays fresher for longer.