Best Convection Microwave oven

If you’re in the market for a new convection microwave oven then you’ll be wanting to get the best convection microwave oven for your price range. Don’t worry I’ve done some research and have included in this article the 3 most popular microwaves on the net today. With so many microwave ovens available online, choosing the best and top microwave ovens is a time consuming task.

First off lets take a look at the Sharp R-930CS Convection Microwave. Other reviewers have said that “…It really lives up to what Sharp says it does. It bakes, broils and microwaves — all well! I use it to cook meat and it’s done a great job on steaks, fresh sausage and chicken.”

As advertised Sharps model is very versatile allowing you to brown, bake, broil and crisp with precision. Also included in the Sharp R-930CS is the smart and easy sensor which automatically figures out the right cooking time and then calculates how much power should be used

Here’s what another owner said of this convection microwave, “I was so pleased with this convection microwave that this is my second one. The last one was purchased 10 years ago. I needed another oven during the holidays and I can only have one oven and a microwave or a double oven and no microwave so I opted for this convection microwave. It works great.”

Second on the list is the Sharp R-820JS Grill 2 Convection Microwave. This powerful appliance allows you to use up to 1500 watts of power to ‘double grill meat. This emits heat both under and over the food and comes with a whopping 11 power levels. One user had great things to say about using this model, “Reheating muffins and breads has amazing results – they seem fresh baked and, unlike breads normally heated in a microwave, do not harden in a minute. I have used the convection feature for preparing breads, and had especially stunning results with preparing a frozen chicken pie. I suppose the surrounding air from the convection oven was the reason, but it seemed like a fresh-baked meat pie.”

Also this model comes a 2 line 12 digit interactive display with a convenient auto touch feature and 7 auto settings for quick and easy use. However time and time again reviewers of this model recommend thoroughly reading the users manual so that you can get the most out of it.

Last of all comes the Panasonic NN-C994S Genius Prestige Convection Microwave Oven. This is a powerful microwave oven coming in at 1100 watts. This allows you to cook foods extremely fast. The oven includes two cool functions called “keep warm” and “simmer” to preserve the freshness of food while you wait for other parts of your meal to finish cooking. One owner of this model said, “I bought this oven to replace my microwave and I am very pleased. Its great to have a second oven and microwave all in one. I use the convection and microwave every day. It works great. High quality. ”

Skillets Are Necessary to Every Kitchen

Every kitchen needs a heavy skillet with a tight fitting lid. It may seem like an obvious choice, but you may be surprised at how many people fail to keep a quality skillet in the eight to ten inch range in their kitchen. Instead, even when they take the time and extra expense during small kitchen remodeling to replace their cookware, they choose simple frying pans when there are many advantages that a lidded skillet can offer.

A quality skillet can sauté, fry, braise, and steam all by itself. From steaming or sautéing your greens to sautéing mushrooms for a steak to searing the steak itself, there are endless applications for which a skillet is better suited than a standard frying pan. It even makes it possible to create wonderful single-meal dishes such as paella.

A good skillet will be oven-safe, so you do not have to worry about it being damaged if you decide to put it in the oven. This is done either by means of a removable handle or by using a handle that is composed of metal instead of plastic. This is useful for many applications, especially those that require meat to be first seared on the cooktop, and then braised in the oven. Using a skillet, you are able to do both with a single pan, thereby saving you from having to wash extra dishes.

A heavy skillet is the number one most important pan for any kitchen. The versatility that it brings to the kitchen and the huge variety of cooking methods and dishes that it can be used to prepare make it one of the kitchen’s best multi-taskers. From sautéing to steaming to braising to frying, you can make just about anything in a quality skillet. Combine this with a heavy stock pot, a quality saucepan, and a sturdy roasting pan, and you have all the pots and pans that a kitchen really needs.